Sunday, May 13, 2012

A beaming visage seen by thousands

It’s now common knowledge that as a teenager Mitt Romney took the lead in attacking a fellow student, holding him down, and cutting off his long hair. Common knowledge to everyone except Mitt that is. In the course of his weak, cardboard cutout apology he claimed to not remember the incident.  If true (and that’s a big if), this is a disturbing piece of news because it can only mean one of two things. Serious memory loss when you consider that this was a direct physical attack. Or, Mitt was involved in so many escapades of a similar nature that they have all blurred together in his mind.  Neither scenario bodes well for the man who would be president. 

On a happier note, gay marriage seems to be all the rage these days thanks to the recent announcement from our current, and one would hope, future president. And let’s not forget the earlier words of support from the VP. The fortunes of the LGBT community in the US are rising like a shining star. Now if only those pesky right wing conservatives would develop some form of collective amnesia about their hateful homophobia and move forward with a new agenda that espouses love and inclusiveness this would truly be a much better country. Call me crazy, but it could happen. 

And on a final note, our recent trip to Indonesia began with a visit to a dear friend, Didik Nini Thowok. Didik is a transgender performer well known and respected throughout Indonesia for his live and televised appearances that run the gamut from comedy to sensitive and nuanced dance performances that draw on Topeng (mask), Sundanese, Cirebon, Balinese, and Central Javanese traditions. During the visit, he took us to the workshop where an eight foot high mask of his most well-known comic character was being made to hang on the building that houses his office and dance workshop in central Jogjakarta. It is exciting to think that his courageous and talented visage will beam down on the crowded streets of the city that is considered the cultural capital of Indonesia.

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