Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nuptials Post Follow Up

Supervisor Ammiano with artist/activist Ruth Asawa

A special thanks to those who have sent such kind wishes for our upcoming nuptials. As the July 1 date edges closer our excitement builds. It is especially thrilling that our friend Supervisor Tom Ammiano will officiate our civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.

Many of you have asked about sending wedding gifts which are a benefit we had not thought of. Wow - this equal rights thing is looking pretty groovy already! Seriously, the best gift you could send to honor our union would be a gift to support our new play project Rights of Passage. Just click on the contributions button in the right hand margin of this Blog page and you will be whisked directly to a donations page on the NCTC web site. Thanks for helping us say “I Do” to our life partnership and to our LGBT human rights project.


Anonymous said...

It's terrific to see all of this happening. When I look at your project blog I am reminded that gay marriage is just the tip of the iceberg in the global quest for LGBT equality. Celebrating the positive and exposing the darker side are both important. I hope your play will do both. Oh, congratulations on your marriage and your long term relationship. It gives a single gay guy like me hope that it can and will happen to me someday.

Bev Sykes said...

Hey! Congratulations! I'm going to a wedding on Monday at 5 p.m. and another one in October. It's wedding season! So happy for you!

andy alty said...

well here in the uk, gay couples are falling over themselves to confirm and celebrate their relationships in "civil partnerships". It's easy then, to forget that there are other parts of the world where these new freedoms still seem so far off. In Moscow, police intervene between LGBT marchers and far-right groups and brutally arrest- the marchers! In Athens, Greece- an EU country I'm ashamed to say- 5,000 gay marchers are pelted with eggs and flour by fascist organisations. And in Iran, as Ed and Bob have documented so vividly, homosexuality is still a crime punishabe by death. We have come far and have achieved much- especially here in the west- but we cannot and must not forget that the fight will continue until we are accepted and respected all over the world.

Good luck with this project! Celebrate our successes and commemorate those who have fought- and still fight- for them.

Love and best wishes to you both...