Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rights of Passage Continues to Evolve

In the last few weeks we have been thinking, reading and talking about additional ways to attract genuine submissions for our emerging theatre piece called "Rights of Passage."

This week Bob read a wonderful short story in the New Yorker by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie entitled "The Headstrong Historian". One of the great things about the story was how beautifully the author described the culture, customs and conflicts of rural Nigeria. It brought the reader down to the banks of the Oyi with its "silvery rush of water" and into Nawamgba's hut on the nights she was visited by her husband Obierika. Clearly Adichie's writing is rooted in deep knowledge.

Since this is the kind of authenticity we have in mind for "Rights of Passage" we are opening up the call for submissions to include those who have an inherent knack for telling, reporting, or documenting a story. Local playwrights, poets, musicians, journalists, writers, artists, activists and health workers--we think--are well-equipped to contribute LGBT stories specific to their own regions and will bring to the piece the authenticity we are seeking. We will gather these contributions along with other personal stories and dramaturgically weave the threads together. Our goal is to have the end result be as authentic as possible and feature distinct regional narratives, situations and artistry.

On down the line and to further long term impact of the project we intend to establish a system that will direct royalties from performances of "Rights of Passage" to nonprofits working for LGBT equality in regions throughout the globe. On stage and off, stories told in the play should support the ongoing struggle for international human rights.

We hope you will help us spread the word and point us to the many stories that are aching to be told.

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