Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Five days before we took to the streets at the Equality March in Washington, DC another execution took place in Iran. The Iranian Queer Railroad http://www.irqr.net reports that on October 6, 2009, Rahim Mohammadi was executed in Tabriz, a city in northwest Iran, after being convicted of sexual abuse and rape during sexual relations between males (a homosexual act called Lavat).

According to Rahim's lawyer, Mr. Mohammad Mostafayi, there was not enough evidence presented to the court to prove such accusations; the court nevertheless decided that once a person is convicted of Lavat, he must be executed. Mostafayi, who had not been informed of the court's decision once it was handed down - and was only contacted after his client Rahim had been executed - wrote a letter of further explanation to the authorities. You can read the full account of this horrific miscarriage of so called justice at www.irqr.net.

We have to write Rights of Passage faster.

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