Friday, November 13, 2009

Rights of Passage Grant

James Hormel of the Small Change Foundation

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Acquiring funds for research and development of a new project is always the most difficult. It requires a huge leap of faith on the part of the donor as the project for which support is sought is embryonic at best.

James Hormel and his Small Change Foundation have taken the leap with us for a second year by awarding us another $15K gift to pursue the further development of our new play on international LGBT Human Rights progress. We are not only grateful to Jim for his generous gift to Rights of Passage but also for his steadfast vanguard leadership on behalf of our community.

The Small Change Foundation grant will enable us to visit Africa, Central Europe, and return to Indonesia in 2010. We intend to conduct additional interviews with activists and will further study cultural, political and geographic factors that shape perceptions for and about the LGBT community around the globe. These elements are core ingredients to the story-telling and are necessary in order to provide a well informed, broadly represented, and authentic foundation for the scripting of the play.

For those of you so inclined, additional gifts are always welcome and can be made by clicking on the make a donation to support Rights of Passage link on this page. Your gifts will be put to good use as we complete the world premiere of the play scheduled for the 2012-13 season at NCTC.

Our thanks to all of you, as well as to James Hormel and his team at The Small Change Foundation.

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