Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rights of Passage Table Read

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After putting together a first draft of our play, with no outside input into the creative process, we took the next step by scheduling a table read so that it could see, in a controlled setting, the light of day. That happened this past Saturday at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco. The reading was followed by discussion and feedback on all aspects of the piece. It was an extremely valuable exercise that brought into focus the strengths and weaknesses of the play and gave us some direction as to how we should proceed. A total of eleven theatre professionals, including writers, actors, directors and a puppetmaker took part.

We'll be making revisions in the coming weeks and scheduling another reading in the near future. Much thanks to all who took part including: Jomar Tagatac, Michaela Greely, Jackie Jordan, Price Troche, Christopher Morell, Desiree Rogers, Anthony Williams, Arturo Catricala, Liebe Wetzel, and Brad Erickson.

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