Friday, August 6, 2010

Gearing Up for the Next Phase of Rights of Passage

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Rewrites are just about complete for our upcoming staged readings of Rights of Passage on August 20 & 21 , 2010 at The New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco. Our table read in early July provided a great deal of insight as to tightening scenes and concentrating a bit more on working out transitions throughout the play.

With the scripting process now opening up to include small audiences we are sure to discover even more ways to refine the script. It is exciting to be moving steadily towards production after several years of research. While production is still more than 18 months away (early 2012) the pieces of the making a new play puzzle are coming into focus.

After the readings later this month we will continue rewrites, kick fund raising into a higher gear, and prepare for our final public reading on April 23, 2011. It would be sooner but our day jobs get in the way! Then, it’s onward to pre-production.

Meanwhile, a special shout out to James Hormel & the Small Change Foundation whose faith in the project before we had written a single word along with his 30K contribution has sustained us during the research phase. There is almost no way to thank all those LGBT folks around the world who live the stories of Rights of Passage every day.

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